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AED 150 for photos, inspection, calls and test drives for 3 months - an additional fee upon sale

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Sell my car for me

AED 150 for photos, inspection, calls and test drives for 3 months - an additional fee upon sale

Why CarSwitch

CarSwitch offers an easy & safe alternative to dealers and classified sites. We manage the whole process for selling your car while you sit back and relax. You set the price so you get the best value, without doing any of the work!

  • 70% of cars sell within 2 weeks
  • +15,000 car buyers visit daily
  • Buyers willing to pay more as cars pre-inspected & certified
  • Cars automatically featured on social media and other sites

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I sold my car throw car switch, they are extremely good and helpful, the guy who handle my car name is sofian, he has very good knowledge and very helpful. Thank you guys
Gehad Fouad
Nazar Ghafoor is very helpful and supportive in all the transaction until my car is sold.l'm happy and grateful.
Justin Blake Magpantay
Hii Thanks carswitch.....for helping me to sell my car easily....ur full process is superb...really like your inspection....highly appreciated...tks once again...tks Aileen kamran sufiyan and also anees who did inspection
Vibha Dhawan
Amazing coordination from the staff from start to finish. I was able to sell my car in 3 weeks!
Mark Eusebio Dicolen
I was able to sell my car within 3 days and get the desired price thanks to the outstanding service and support of the team working at car switch .
Ahmed Radhwan
Very professional and mr.sufiyan is very awesome and gives you a vip kind of service as you just sit and ave coffee and he dose all the paper work and just finished the sale of my car. Thanks mr.abdul who deal very well to sell my car and whole team of CarSwitch. Thanks Carswitch team.
Edgardo Arca
I had a very good and pleasant experience with the carswitch as their service is end to end and more hassel free comparing to other companies like sell any car or dubizzle, more over the representative at rta is more knowledgeable and give proper info, as my friend and i was just finished everything within anhour which takes ur 2 to 3 hours. Thanks carswitch team????
Ragu ram
As a buyer, carswitch made the process a lot smoother. On the day of the transfer I was helped by Sufyan who made the lengthy process much smoother. I think the comprehensive test process can be done more smoothly independent of the buyer and seller physically being there as it takes a lot of time but other than that everything was smooth
Christopher Habib
Carswitch help me sell off my car thanks to the team and sufiya for the help do the do all the rta and bank proper paper work where to go and what to do with out hazel . All went smoothly
shine raj
Thanks Carswitch for getting me best available option. Entire process was so easy on Carswitch with transparency. They have efficient sales and operation staff. Thanks to Sufiyan to make the last step of transfer the most comfortable i had ever experienced in UAE. Thanks to Ahmed from Sales for guiding me through the best options. Thanks You Carswitch. Highly recommend platform in UAE for your selling and buying cars.
adnan raj
Was a pleasure selling and buying a car with Car Switch. They were always on time and Nazar Ghafoor is a star employee and was very good at his job. Thank you
Mauritz Janeke
Got my car sold within few days. Engagement level from their professionals throughout the process and insights that you get about the ad is quite commendable.
Fahad Arzani
Really helpful service, helped both myself as the buyer and the seller to make the car buying process as smooth as possible.
Bronte Richli
Just finished purchasing and registering a car in less than 24 hours. Mohamed Yousfan was immediately able to arrange a same day visit, helped me test and inspect the car and negotiate a very good deal, he was extremely helpful, and continued to follow up with me daily to make sure everything followed through smoothly, even after the deal was concluded. Mohamed Sufiyan was there to walk us through the RTA inspection, sales contract and car registration. He had everything prepared, was extremely quick, knowledgeable and helpful and made sure to make this an extremely easy and comfortable process, which is always a big help when purchasing a car. I 100% recommend this service for buying a car, and I believe the seller was very content as well. My one comment is a non-refundable deposit required immediately at the time of inspection to secure the car is not very supportive - and almost made me walk away from the deal. Non refundable deposits damage trust and very few agencies in any business still adopt that approach. A deposit refundable within a day or so would instill a lot more trust and confidence in CarSwitch.
Tareq El Zayat
Had an excellent experience with the Car switch team specially Mr mohammed ,great team and well organised was a wonderful experience in selling my car.
Sunesh Nair
Professional service with understanding. On time, on site, hassle free. Seek no further. Agent Nazar, he is truly helpful. Always give a good advice. I sold my car to the proper buyer at a good price. Thanks for Carswitch team.
Padipark Milindapradheep
Hi, Thanks very much for making the Car selling experience seamless... Job well done, special shout out to Vicky and Sulfiyan.
Bernard Schvartz
I have bought my fourth car from CarSwitch and working good. All the details mentioned in the website was pretty awesome and genuine for my car. I started liking for cars through CarSwitch and finally I found one . During the visit the one of the staff from it came with the seller and showed me in detail about it without any false information. There is a guy called Mr Kamran in the firm who really made my doubts clear about the car and coordinated with me thoroughly till freezing the value. After that the process went to the sales team where I found a little hazels but that’s ok . While doing registration I found that buying the car was never a tough task if you have a proper team like CarSwitch . Mr Sufiyan made this way easier for me during registration and I appreciate the efforts he took and made all arrangement. I will recommend CarSwitch because you have a wonderful team to trust on and make your process easier. Thanks CarSwitch and team .
Yunus Shaikh
Excellent experience selling my car. Thank you Kamran and Sufyan
Hatem Dowidar
Thank you CarSwitch to help to sell my car, and I would like to thank Mr. Sufian for his support as well.
mahmoud alkord

Interesting tips & facts

Only the registered owner can sell a car, if they're not available a valid and attested Power of Attorney required
Seller Agreement trumps a Power of Attorney, as the former cannot be cancelled
Don't forget to clear outstanding fines before transfer, some violations will require an in person visit to clear
After transfer, don't forget to remove the Salik Tag. Salik won't refund the balance though :(
Verify your service contract and warranty are actually transferrable to a new owner before placing your ad
If never kept service history receipts, you can ask your service center for a summary statement of your visits
Your insurance policy can be expanded to cover specific, or all, GCC countries in case you're a frequent traveller
Never agree to a buyer paying you in installments, ask them to apply for bank financing so you get paid in full up-front
If you're registering the car in another Emirate you'll likely need to transport it on a flat-bed truck which will cost AED +200 depending on the distance
If you're transfering a car from Abu Dhabi you can get Export plates valid for 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How would CarSwitch sell my car in Dubai?

Are you wondering "How to sell cars in Dubai, UAE"? makes it super simple to get the price you’re looking for, without doing any of the work!

How do you get the best price for your used car? Simple, you set it! Our Switchers will provide guidance on pricing, and you can change it at any time through the app, so that ultimately you’re in full control. From there on, we handle all the chaos. Our partner network of banks, insurers and specialists will handle it all from visiting you, wherever you are in Dubai, AbuDhabi or Sharjah to photograph and inspect your car, to figure out how to sell a car already on loan. We then advertise your car online through, our social media channels, and other sites, line up buyers, and enable show times to show off your used car. You will sell your car in no time, and for the price that you want! Once we sell your car, we even guide you with the paperwork. The best part? You sell straight to end user buyers so you get the best car prices.

Sell car in Dubai with ease!

70% of used cars on the CarSwitch sell within two weeks, though many within a few days of posting and others within several weeks. Your price is the primary determinant of how long it will take to sell your car, which you control completely through your CarSwitch seller portal. This portal displays a ton of guidance to help you set the best price, from recommendations based on a thousands of real transactions conducted through CarSwitch to live comparisons of views, calls, and price drop requests versus other comparable cars on the website. Here you can set your price and change it at any time, as well as set your last price to help in any negotiations, and enter our auction platform for instant cash sale if you run out of time. Throughout, our team works tirelessly using this information to filter buyers and sell your car as quickly as possible.

With CarSwitch you set your own price! However, we provide concrete recommendations that account for your specific make, model, mileage, historical data from thousands of transactions conducted through CarSwitch. Ultimately, we aim to get the best price for your used car for sale in Dubai, UAE and the testament to that is we let you control it fully.

We do strongly recommend that you follow the price guidance that our Switchers provide. In addition, you can review the performance of your ad compared to other cars on the platform, and reduce your price to get more traction at any time through your seller portal.

Not to worry, we’ll guide you through the transfer with access to our partner lane at Tasjeel and step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re well prepared. You can also read up on how to transfer your car at the RTA here.

CarSwitch arranges for a specialist to run a 1 hour assessment of your used car to gauge its condition. During the inspection, the Specialist will take professional photos, examine the interior & exterior, assess the condition of the engine and go on a test drive with you to make sure that the main components in your used car works as they should.

The results of the inspection are displayed online which helps us answer most buyers' questions and only refer you serious buyers! In addition, transparency on the fantastic condition of your car increases your car's price! Please note, CarSwitch does not warranty inspection results, particularly as the results may change from the time of inspection, and so buyers may request their own inspection at their own expense with your approval.

The process is easy and hassle-free. The Specialist will visit you anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and you only need to be present for 10-15 mins, of the full hour, to answer some questions and go for a test drive. Car selling made easy for the busy UAE residents.

We charge AED 150 (+VAT) admin fee which includes organizing a specialist visit to inspect / photo, handling calls, filtering car buyers and arranging test drives. When we sell your car a success-based fee of AED 1,000 up to 3% (+VAT) will apply (depending on the value of your car but agreed with you up-front) which you can build into your car price. This fee is applicable only if we are able to help you sell your car. We take all the headaches for selling your car while you get the best price! Your Used Car for Sale in Dubai will go quickly and without hassle!

We will work hard to help you sell your car in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. However, if you end up selling your car on your own then our success-based fee won’t apply. In addition, we will still guide you through the process to make sure that the transfer of car ownership at the RTA is a hassle free experience. We only ask that if you post your car on another platform, that you match the listing price you select on CarSwitch to give us a fair shot.

Selling car couldn't be easier!

We can handle it, through our partner network, and do it all the time! You can read our full guide to selling cars under bank financing, but the short version is once your used car has been sold, the buyer will need to pay off the existing bank loan and transfer any remaining cash to you. We’ll arrange for a legal seller agreement through our partner network to keep the buyer protected. Trust us. We know how to sell cars in Dubai :)

Our primary motivation is to get you the absolute best price possible, and so if you have a couple of days of time we always encourage you to post the car at an attractive price and we’ll secure an end user buyer in no time at all hassle free (as we’ll handle it all from fielding phone calls to attending test drives in your location). In case you simply don’t have the time, we’ll arrange an instant cash offer through our auction platform so you get over and done with in the same day.

How Should I Sell My Car in Dubai?

Looking for ways to sell your car in Dubai? CarSwitch offers a safe, transparent, fast and hassle-free way to do so. We manage the whole process for selling your car while you sit back and relax. Now you can get the best price for your car without any hassles.

Common challenges faced by sellers

While it has become easier than ever before to buy and sell any car in Dubai, you can still face many challenges during the process. If you are planning to sell your car online in Dubai, then be sure to keep the following factors in mind.

  1. Setting the right price: From depreciation to competition and demand in the market, you have to consider multiple factors while figuring out the price tag for your car. This means that it’s often challenging to set the right price without some help from experts. That's why we've made our proprietary valuator available free on!

  2. The time factor: Selling a car involves multiple steps such as making calls and dealing with used car buyers who might not even be serious. It goes without saying that it can prove to be a very lengthy process.

  3. Negotiating the price: It takes practice to master the art of negotiation, and unless you’ve sold multiple cars, you might not be able to get the right amount of money from buyers.

  4. It’s a complicated process: You may need guidance to complete some of the steps. For example, sellers need to understand the steps involved in clearing their auto loan, refunding insurance, and transferring their car at the RTA. If the car is under bank financing, then a seller’s agreement can be used to protect both the seller and the buyer.

Why use CarSwitch

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just relax and let someone else take care of everything for you? No matter what the make and model of your vehicle is, we can help you sell any car in Dubai. Are you wondering “How can CarSwitch help me sell my car in Dubai?” We’ll do all the heavy lifting, including photographing your car, lining up potential buyers, negotiating the price, and advertising through various channels. What's more, the test drive can be managed at the location and time that suits you. CarSwitch will also guide you to set the right price for your used car and through all the paperwork to close a deal. We can even guide you when you go through the process of transferring your car at the RTA. Now you can sell car in Dubai with confidence and peace of mind. If you are pressed for time and need to sell your car in Dubai immediately, CarSwitch will arrange for your car to be bought within a day through our online auction platform. All in all, we help you sell any car in Dubai as fast as you want, by enabling you to set the price for your vehicle.

New and exciting features to help you sell any car:

Is there any price guidance to help me sell my car in Dubai?

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques for analysis of thousands of real transactions on CarSwitch, we offer real time price advice to you. This way you are able to set the right price when you sell any car in Dubai and can sell it as quickly as possible. Our recommendations and guidance can help you understand instant cash dealer deals as well as what a private buyer would offer for your car.

Free car valuator

We’ve put all our knowledge in an online car valuator tool you can use to quickly get an estimate for the value of any used car in Dubai . It’s available for free and uses a proprietary algorithm to help customers estimate a fair value for any GCC-spec vehicle in the UAE.

Seller badges

Wondering ‘how can I attract more buyers when I sell my car in Dubai?’ Now you can leverage these seller badges, free of charge, to make your car listing more prominent:

- Price dropped: This badge is a quick and easy way to tell buyers that you’ve dropped the price of your car.

- Negotiable: If you’re willing to bargain while selling your car, then let buyers know this. All you have to do is set the last price in the seller portal and CarSwitch will handle everything else.

- Urgent sale: Pressed for time? This seller badge can make the process quicker by letting you set a countdown of days you have left to sell it.

- Top condition: If you have maintained your car over the years, then why not let buyers know about it. We automatically activate this badge when selling your car if you receive a high inspection score from our inspection.

It has become easier than ever to sell any car in Dubai at the best value without any hassles!

Set your own price, and CarSwitch will sell your car for you!
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